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General Information

DPC is a membership, meant to be affordable and accessible. For a flat monthly fee, you get essentially unlimited visits, calls and emails with your doctor! For less than the cost of most cell phone plans or gym memberships, you can have relaxed, unhurried visits as often as needed. No copays or hidden fees – DPC is all about price transparency.

Additionally, deeply discounted medications, labs and radiological tests are available for direct pay, no insurance necessary. You can always use your insurance for these items if you prefer. Home visits may also be available for an additional fee (depending on distance and availability).

Hello, I’m Dr. Catherine Anderson and I am a Board-certified Family Physician, qualified to practice full-spectrum Family Medicine, including management of diabetes, hypertension and other chronic health problems. I have a special interest in Preventive care and an additional interest in managing asthma and allergies for all ages from newborns on up. I also have an interest in non-narcotic integrative pain management, and I can offer some tools to help manage pain naturally, without the use of debilitating narcotics. I have three adult children and six grandchildren, all here in Kansas City. I have always been interested in health, wellness and medicine and studied many things on my own, such as nutrition, natural childbirth and breastfeeding. When I started having children, I began teaching The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and became a La Leche League Leader. In addition, I homeschooled my children well into high school.


At the age of 47 I went back to school with the intention of going to medical school and at the age of 52 I started at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences and did the D.O./M.B.A. programs, graduation from both KCUMB and Rockhurst University in 2006 with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree and a Master of Business Administration. At the age of 56, I was the oldest person in my graduating class.

I went on to do a Residency in Family Medicine and graduated in early 2010 with the training to become a Board Certified Family Physician. I passed my Boards in 2012 and was certified with the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. In 2013 I also became board-certified in Hospice and Palliative Care. I have worked in many different capacities and environments, from a typical primary care clinic to the VA, Correctional facilities, hospice and most recently, Urgent Care.

I believe my late entry into professional training (after raising a family) along with a diverse job experience has given me a well-rounded perspective of the many aspects of health and wellness. It has also given me thorough perspective of the “circle of life” to use a phrase from “The Lion King.” It would be my great privilege to use my extensive training and life experience to provide comprehensive, personalized care to help you optimize your health and wellness.