Your health is an investment



I believe that health care should be accessible and based on a long-term relationship between doctor and patient without interference from third-party interests such as insurance companies. This direct access to your doctor makes overhead costs much lower and that reduced cost can be passed on to patients, greatly reducing the financial burden on patients.

My goal is to be available to you when needed within reason. Most of the time my schedule will be open to same-day or next-day visits and I will be available 24/7 via phone.

When you enroll as a member in Holistic Family Care, you receive:

  • Unlimited primary and urgent care visits — with no copays
  • Unlimited access to your physician via email, phone or in person
  • Quality primary care delivered in a way that fits into your busy life
  • Meeting you where you are, including home visits at an additional cost
  • Same-day or next-day visits with little or no wait
  • Annual screening labs
  • Access to deeply reduced-price lab work, medications, radiology, and specialist services
  • Wellness coaching and guidance
  • No insurance haggling
Individual Rate, by Age
0–17 years of age $25 per month with paying parent membership
0–17 years of age$50 per month without paying parent membership
18–25 years of age$35 per month with paying parent membership
18–35 years of age50 per month
26–64 years of age$75 per month
65+ years of age$100/month*

Family Rate

2 adults + children under age 18 spanning 2 generations – no higher than $140/month

*Due to federal regulations, I am unable to accept Medicare patients or Medicare-eligible patients at this time. I’m sorry for this inconvenience but I hope at some point to be able to add this on if regulations change or when I am able to “opt-out” of Medicare

There is a non-refundable per-household enrollment fee of $75; a re-enrollment fee of $195 must be paid to reactivate an account any time a membership lapses for more than 45 days.

Pay as You Go

An option for those who rather not commit to a contract.

While I believe that the best possible primary care comes in the form of a direct primary care membership, I realize it isn’t a good fit for everyone! For those only wanting to be seen once or twice a year without the commitment of our direct primary care membership, there is pay-as-you-go pricing. This option is similar to how every other doctor’s office operates (you pay every time for each interaction; phone calls, after-hours service, and email contact are not included.) However, one big difference is that prices are completely transparent, and you will know the costs up-front!