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Allergies and Asthma

Asthma and/or allergies are a pervasive issue for many people. Dr. Anderson is skilled in the management of most problems related to these issues. Many physicians are inundated with drug reps that work for the large pharmaceutical companies that give out free lunches, dinners, etc. That means they often prescribe medications that are not necessarily the best for a particular patient. Dr. Anderson looks carefully at each individual, obtains a thorough history and will work to make sure the medications you receive will work best for you.

Seasonal Allergies

Additionally, many of us in the Midwest suffer from seasonal allergies, and sometimes these allergies are active year-round. Allergy shots are time-consuming and expensive but there is an alternative called Sublingual Immunotherapy or S.L.I.T. With this, after your initial allergy testing you receive a vial that you use weekly at home under the tongue so no need to waste hours per week going to the Allergist’s office to get shots. Immunotherapy requires 2-4 years of weekly treatment regardless of method, but studies have shown that the ability to follow through with weekly visits to a doctor’s office have about a 10-20% success rate due to ability to comply, whereas S.L.I.T. has an 80-90% success rate, simply because it is easier to stick with the treatments and it is also less expensive than the shots.

Group Visits

Many problems can be addressed in group meetings. These are usually 2 to 3 hour visits and allows more advanced information to be presented and enables patients to connect and give and receive support. Issues that work well in this environment are Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Weight loss and many other things. Group visits will be scheduled from time to time as the need arises and are included in the DPC membership.

Integrative Health Care

What is Integrative health care? It is care that is patient-centered and relationship-based. The goal is to bring the best of both worlds combining traditional Western Medicine with Alternative Therapies and means looking at the many facets of an individual’s wellbeing: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, environmental health, stress and relaxation, and spirituality. It also entails establishing and maintaining relationships not just patients and their families, but also with other members of an interprofessional healthcare team. Together, it encompasses a Holistic perspective of looking at the whole person – not just the disease by itself. True healing requires more than just throwing a prescription medication (or surgical procedure) at a condition. Although those certainly have their place in the total picture at times, they are not the only answer to our health problems.

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Primary care with a “whole person” perspective

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Allergy, Asthma and Immunotherapy Management

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